Top: Rye and Lilja

Bottom: Huan

Anna Booth and Kedar Abhyankar will join the group in October 2017. The rest of the crew are:

Raihan Musa (Queens) is currently writing up her project on Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry for anion recognition back home in Malaysia.

Alexa Caise (Worcester) is working on a joint project between the Aldridge and Goicoechea groups, looking at novel group 13 and group 14 complexes for bond activation/catalysis. Her project has involved a three-month stay in the laboratory of Prof Cameron Jones at Monash University in Melbourne.

Lilja Kristinsdottir (University) originally from Iceland, is a third year DPhil student and is focusing on borylated ligands for coordination chemistry and small molecule capture/activation. Her work to date has focussed on novel B-functionalized carbenes and their heavier analogues.

Haoyu Niu (Queens) joined the Aldridge group as a graduate student in 2014 to undertake a combined quantum chemical/synthetic project on N-heterocyclic C- and B-based ligands.

Do Dinh Cao Huan (Queens) was lured into the magical world of Main Group chemistry by NTU faculty member (and former Aldridge group post-doc) Prof Drasko Vidovic. He joined the group in 2015 on a Jardine Foundation Scholarship to work on novel Nacnac ligands.

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