Top: Alex and Rachel

Bottom: Dafydd and Molly

The 2016-17 Part 2 student cohort is comprised of Alex Davies, Rachel Grabiner, Dafydd Jones and Molly Kemp.

Alex Davies (St Catz) is working on the synthesis of cationic group 14 complexes for reversible bond activation chemistry. Out of the lab his hobbies include a bit of football, the occasional chocolate binge and fuelling his full-blown tea habit.

Rachel Grabiner (Balliol) is working on chelating borylamido ligands in main group chemistry. Elsewhere, she likes baking cakes, drinking tea and going for the occasional jog.

Dafydd Jones (LMH) is working on electronically modifided Nacnac ligands and their applications in aluminium and gallium hydride chemistry. He is a keen music fan and plays both electric and acoustic guitar. He is also a massive fan of a football club from the red half of Merseyside, although attempts are being made to make him see the error of his ways!

Molly Kemp (Jesus) is working on expanded ring iminato ligands in group 14 metal chemistry. Other than chemistry, she really likes church, politics, football and generally being an extrovert.

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