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The group typically accepts between two and four Part 2 (Oxford final year under-graduate) students to work on projects which are integral to the group efforts in our target research areas. On a day-to-day basis students are overseen in the lab by an (individually assigned) senior DPhil student or post-doc whose project area overlaps with that of the Part 2 research. Formal meetings are held with Prof Aldridge every week (and more informal ones on a daily basis in the lab). In 2017-18 a Part 2 project will be available in Monash University (Melbourne) as part of a longstanding collaboration with Prof Cameron Jones.

Typically, the project will start with some reading material and an outline project plan distributed over the summer vacation, and will begin in earnest with a 15 minute presentation to the group in early October outlining the aims/background/relevance of the project. Some recent examples of project outlines in E-H bond activation chemistry and in anion recognition/sensing are provided here. Most Part 2 students will have work published from their time in the lab, with some recent examples provided via the links, left.

Prospective Part 2 students are more than welcome to call in for a chat about available projects (probably easiest to email to sort out a time in advance). Most Part 2 students who have worked in the group have discussed project possibilities in advance and spoken to existing members of the group before putting us down as one of their principal choices via the centralized system.

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