Papers accepted for publication in March in Chem. Eur. J. and in Nature Chemistry.

Research from the Aldridge group highlighted in Nature Chemistry

New post-doctoral fellows Jamie Hicks and Petra Vasko come to Oxford, and Evgeny Kolychev rejoins the group.

Group dinner in Queens College to welcome new members.

Papers from current students Dinh Cao Huan Do and Alexa Caise (the latter in conjunction with former post-doc Joe Abdalla) have been accepted for publication in March in Chem. Eur. J. and in Nature Chemistry, respectively. Meanwhile, former Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow Arnab Rit has had some of his work highlighted in Nature Chemistry.

Prof Aldridge has been visiting the USA, giving talks at UCLA and UCSD, and will give seminars in the near future at Newcastle University and at the ISACS Challenges in Inorganic Chemistry meeting in Manchester.

New post-docs: Evgeny Kolychev has joined the group on an EPSRC grant on FLPs funded with Paul Kamer (St Andrews) as part of the Catalysis Hub framework; Jamie Hicks has arrived to work on a project on Main Group hydrides in catalytic reduction chemistry with Jose Goicoechea funded by SCG; Petra Vasko has come to Oxford from Finland on a prestigious Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation fellowship and is also working on the FLP project.

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